Lutheran South Academy

Lutheran South Academy

  • Houston, Texas
  • Elementary High School Preschool

Needs Assessment:

  • Extensive building damage making it unusable for a month with construction continuing until January 2018. Entire student body has been temporarily relocated to nearby church until school buildings are safe to occupy.
  • Lost a tremendous amount of classroom and extracurricular content that will well exceed the insurance coverage.
  • Eight staff members and over 30 school families with homes that were completely flooded.

Number of Students:

  • 800 students

Online Giving:

The two things we can use more than anything are prayers and funding.  Gift cards would also be welcomed to distribute to our school families and faculty who have lost homes and are displaced.  For organizations or individuals wishing to donate, please use the following link:

Note: Needs assessments can change very quickly. For this reason, we encourage everyone to contact the school directly before making a contribution or collecting donation items.

Contact Information:

Sheila Psencik
Lutheran South Academy
12555 Ryewater Dr.
Houston, TX  77089

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